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Interstellar Pulse


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BOG is a post-metal project based in Vienna, Austria, founded by rhythm guitarist Tim Primbs, as a one man project which served as an emotional outlet to cope with several experiences with death. The band is now a full five person band which provides a variety of dark, atmospheric melodies and monolithic, powerful riffs. Narrative arcs follow the woven dynamics of the sound: consonance and dissonance go hand in hand with deft changes between silence and harshness. Sonic leitmotifs, ambient layers and authentic songwriting create an unmistakably unique sound. Aside from emotional dynamics, narrative guidelines run like a thread through BOG’s music. The conceptual songwriting expands to stations or chapters and are based on two parallel narrative levels: reality and metaphor. The first full length album, Unshriven, was released in 2017 and featured guest musicians from the Austrian and American post-rock and post-metal scene. After five years of several lineup changes and pandemic lockdowns, BOG are back with their new EP Remission which touches on the themes of death and life. The album and EP are mixed and mastered by Will Benoit, who has worked with bands such as Caspian, Junius and Rosetta.

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