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BOG, originally initiated by Tim Primbs from Germany, has transitioned back into a one-man project at present. While BOG won't be staging live shows in the near future, I, Tim Primbs, am redirecting my focus entirely towards crafting and releasing new music. Initially established as a solitary creative endeavor to grapple with various encounters with mortality.

In the earlier stages, BOG's journey encompassed the release of two EPs, "Gustave" in 2014 and "Auguste" in 2015. Subsequently, three additional musicians joined the ranks of BOG to translate the music into captivating live performances. However, Tim remains the sole architect of the songwriting, recording, visual artwork, videos, and live visuals, striving for a harmonious amalgamation of artistic disciplines.

Beyond its emotional complexities, BOG's musical compositions are woven with narrative frameworks. This conceptual songwriting style gives rise to what could be termed as "stations" or "chapters," constructed along dual narrative tracks: one rooted in reality and the other in metaphor.

Post the release of the initial EPs, BOG's inaugural full-length album saw the light on June 24, 2017. Notably, it featured collaborations with esteemed musicians from the Austrian and American post-rock spheres. The album's mixing and mastering were skillfully helmed by Will Benoit, renowned for his work on albums by Caspian, Junius, Rosetta, City of Ships, and Lehnen.

BOG's musical landscape is replete with dark, atmospheric melodies and imposing, monumental riffs. The trajectory of the narrative arcs seamlessly mirrors the sonic dynamics: consonance and dissonance interplay alongside skillful shifts from tranquility to intensity. Through recurring sonic motifs, ambient layers, and genuine songcraft, a truly distinctive auditory identity takes shape.

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