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The Fellow Traveller

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A Solo Endeavor by Tim Primbs

Tim Primbs, known for his dynamic performances with LEHNEN and BOG, is proud to present his solo project, *The Fellow Traveller*. This venture is a unique outlet for Primbs to share songs conceived for his main bands, now brought to life swiftly and with a DIY ethos.

The Fellow Traveller seamlessly blends the essence of Primbs' previous works with fresh, innovative influences. The music is an eclectic fusion of post-metal and post-rock, oscillating between intense and experimental sounds. Expect everything from powerful blast beats to serene piano interludes, with no boundaries or constraints.


Primbs' songwriting is a raw expression from the depths of his soul, offering listeners a truly immersive and authentic experience. *The Fellow Traveller* is not just a side project; it is a testament to the endless possibilities of musical exploration.

Join Tim Primbs on this sonic journey and discover the perfect amalgamation of his musical heritage and newfound inspirations. *The Fellow Traveller* promises to captivate and challenge, pushing the limits of what music can be.

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