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Hyperaustra is an international post-black metal band formed in 2020, during the pandemic. The group consists of two Argentine members, Gastón Aguirre (guitarist) and Marcos De Caro (bassist and lyricist), both from Buenos Aires, and one American member, Daniel Lewis (singer), who lives in Kentucky. A session musician, Bruno Valente, recorded the drums on the debut album.


The band’s concept is related to the south as a mindset rather than a cardinal point (see 

“About the Band’s Name” on the next page). Even though its music has influences from a wide range of sounds within black metal, (atmospheric, avant-garde, dissonant, etc.), it also feeds from other music genres, such as post-rock. 


Even some echoes coming from artists such as David Bowie or the Argentine tango and 

contemporary music composer Astor Piazzolla can be heard in the songs. The debut full-length album, “The Fall of All Pride” introduces the versatility of the group, with five tracks evocating diverse atmospheres, ranging from aggressive intensity to melancholic calmness.


The lyrics are deliberately ambivalent, even oxymoronic. One of the tracks, ‘Irradiate (First Movement)’ is instrumental (guitar and bass) and another one, ‘Lustful Starvation’, just includes a short excerpt taken from a poem by William Blake (see “About William Blake” on the next page) also with music only played with guitar and bass.


The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sebastián Barrionuevo at Fin Du Monde (FDM) Studio, except for the drums, recorded at El Jardín Studio by Bruno Valente, and the vocals, recorded by Daniel Lewis at his own studio. The cover artwork was made by the 

Portuguese artist Cvspe.


The Fall of All Pride 

1. The Tree of Knowledge

2. Inherit the Wind

3. Lustful Starvation

4. Dissent

5. Irradiate (First Movement)


RELEASE: December 15th 2023 (Digital only)

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