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We are thrilled to present the latest addition to our musical universe – Lavandine, the dream pop sensation based in Vienna. Lavandine recently joined our series to curate a playlist, a musical odyssey that goes by the name "Interstellar Echoes Pt. 2 - LAVANDINE - Lavender Pulse."

Lavandine's playlist is a carefully crafted selection of tracks that have accompanied, inspired, and motivated them on their musical journey. It's a glimpse into the sonic landscapes that have shaped their unique sound and artistic vision.

About Lavandine:

Introducing Lavandine, a Vienna-based dream pop phenomenon whose name draws inspiration from a hybrid of true lavender, resonating with the essence of both dopamine and melatonin.

In the realms of bliss, fever dreams, and introspection, Lavandine skillfully resurrects long-forgotten melodies. Their music is characterized by dusty keyboards and vibrant guitar landscapes, creating a captivating contrast with intricate anthems and dynamic rhythms.

Lavandine's sound possesses a unique ability to lift one's gaze from the ground, redirecting it toward the vast universe where ethereal sounds and dreamy atmospheres collide.

The band invites you on a sonic journey where joy, dreams, and self-reflection intertwine seamlessly.

So, dive into the mesmerizing world of Lavandine through "Interstellar Echoes Pt. 2 - LAVANDINE - Lavender Pulse" and let the music transport you to new dimensions of emotion and imagination.

Feel the pulse of Lavender, feel the Interstellar Echoes.

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