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Operating from Vienna since 2014, Winkelschleifer is the result of combining an interest in timbrally and rhythmically unique textures with an openness to embrace improvisation and, indeed, instrumental chaos.


When exploring sounds, intuition takes the lead. With guitar and electronics, some of which are homemade, Maurizio Massaro follows in the footsteps of experimentalists from different schools, such as Sonic Youth and Throbbing Gristle, always striving to create emotional resonance.


In 2021, Winkelschleifer (which, by the way, means angle grinder in German) released his latest, parasitic, dark, and sludgy album „Tiramigiù.“ This album contains a re-enactment of straight noise rock riffs within all meandering and brooding clouds of sound.


There are no vocals – and why would there be? 

Everything needs to be expressed through more abstract means.

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